About Ole

dad-book-_mg_0280-1-burned-update-7912-version-blur-skin-finalOle Giese is a former International executive who, in his retirement, unshackled from the stresses of the Business World, found inspiration to share with readers, a few observations, which he hopes readers will find amusing.

Poetry and Underwear and Other Stories, by artist and writer Ole Giese, is a compilation of three long stories that infuse humor with intrigue.

In Salad Dressing, an American Restaurateur is determined to do whatever it takes to get his hands on a secret salad dressing recipe from a famous Moscow restaurant. In Athena’s Disciples, a group of mischievous college students, in Denmark, steals a bicycle to make a point. And, in Poetry and Underwear, an overzealous poet and his ladylove go into the lingerie business.

“A wild improbable treasure hunt in Russia, a kidnapping of a bicycle with political implications, and a determined cleaning woman putting up with an anti-establishment poet . . .” Jane D’Auvray, Magazine Marketing Director.